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The Turquoise Tattoo

15 July 2014: The Turquoise Tattoo was named a finalist in the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards.

The Turquoise Tattoo was named one of the Top 100 Indie Books of 2013 by Kirkus Reviews. The Turquoise Tattoo was only 1 of 5 books awarded in the Best Teen and Children's Fiction Category.

About The Turquoise Tattoo.

The idea for this novel began many years ago. Growing up in Whakatane, I was brought up on stories about Maori legend and culture. To this day, I am fascinated with Maori mythology.

In my first novel, I wanted to portray a strong female character. I think I found just the right person in Scarlet. I wanted to illustrate how everyone is flawed in some way. What is right and what is wrong isn’t always obvious. Life is complex. I hope the reader can see this theme emerge in Scarlet’s journey.

The Karangahake Gorge is my favourite place in New Zealand. As a student at Paeroa College in the 80s, I’ve tramped through the gorge, over it, and around it! I know it well enough to say that there is no better swimming hole in a one hundred kilometre radius. My father also grew up beside the Ohinemuri River, in a house long gone now, with his six brothers and sisters.

The Turquoise Tattoo is my first novel, (not counting The Swing Ball Kid, which I wrote when I was ten). I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I loved writing it.

Readers art. Thank you to Samantha King for the following artwork. Her picture depicts Scarlet in The Greenstone Garden, sitting on the edge of the Purangi Estuary, Cook's Beach. 


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The Greenstone Garden

"The thrilling middle episode of a trilogy that delivers authentic character conflict." - Kirkus Reviews

The Greenstone Garden is now available for purchase from all online book retailers.

The cover features the Purangi Estuary. Cook's beach was one of my favourite holiday places growing up, and I just had to include it in Scarlet's story.

The following poem opens the novel, and if you do a little research on the significance of the miromiro bird in Maori  mythology you might get a few hints about what to expect in this book.

Many, many thanks to my good friend Rodney Williams who wrote this poem specifically for The Greenstone Garden. Rodney is an extensively published and very talented poet. His book of haiku and tanka: A bird-loving man, published by Ginninderra Press (www.ginninderrapress.com.au) is like standing in the most brilliant sunshine. Rodney's poetry has the power to fill the heart and soul.

this rare visit

from miromiro

black and white

a portent for danger

or love in your garden?

Rod Williams (2011)

The Greenstone Garden sees Scarlet embrace her Greenstone Goddess powers on top of her Elemental abilities. Poutini, or greenstone people did exist in Maori mythology, although Greenstone Goddesses are specifically my invention. There is even more action in this book than in the previous one, including Scarlet spending time with a gang of patupairehe (forest fairies). I hope everyone enjoys this instalment.





Submarine Adventure

"A fast-paced kids' adventure novel with a solid message." - Kirkus Reviews

Excerpt from the story:

Jake turned around, recoiling in horror as he spotted his brother lying unmoving on the ground. Had he been shot? Jake ran to him, shaking with fright.

‘Tom, Tom!’ Jake called in a panic, fearing for his twin. He grabbed his brother, turning him over on his back. There wasn’t any blood anywhere. ‘Tom, what’s wrong?  Where are you hurt?  What is it?’ he shook his brother tearfully. ‘Tell me where you hurt.’ Jake cursed the boy in the cave. What had he gotten them into? 

Back cover:

As they are out exploring their new farm in rural Australia, twin brothers, Jake and Tom stumble across a mysterious emerald cave. Inside they meet a stranger who sends them back in time to World War I. On a submarine patrolling the Dardanelle Straits, the boys struggle to cope with what has happened to them and the harsh reality of life during wartime.

As the war becomes more and more real to Jake and Tom, they realise they must find the courage to fight for their lives and those of their crew mates, or they may never return home and see their family and friends ever again. 

For more information about Vaya and LD Dauphin, visit Vaya's Amazon author page: www.amazon.com/author/vayadauphin





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